Upper Arm Lift Boston-Brachioplasty

These days, many of us have flabby, sagging upper arms. Oftentimes, no matter the amount of diet and exercise will ever be able to address the specific area of the upper arm when the skin has lost elasticity and unwanted fat deposits give the arm a loose, sagging look.

That’s not to say that exercise won’t strengthen the muscles of the arm and proper diet won’t target some of the unwanted fat deposits. However, diet and exercise alone will never fully resolve the issue of sagging skin that has lost its elasticity and the role that genetics or heredity plays.

For these reasons, cosmetic surgeons have developed the arm lift procedure, or brachioplasty, to remove excess skin and fat, tightening the sagging, drooping arm.

An arm lift can:

  • Reduce the excess skin and fatty deposits that hang between the elbow and the armpit
  • Tighten your upper arm so that the skin is smooth and taught
  • Balance the proportion and scale of your upper arms to match the scale of the rest of your body

The arm lift procedure may be right for you if you:

  • Are a fully mature adult with dramatic loss of elasticity in the skin of the upper arm
  • Have achieved a relatively settled weight that is not considered obese
  • Are relatively healthy, free of any major disease or any illness that could complicate surgery or recovery
  • Do not smoke
  • Have realistic expectations for the results of the arm lift procedure