I had the best experience with Dr Darrow for a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. In the initial consultation, he was thorough and patient – he answered all my questions and his photo prediction software helped me really visualize the potential results.

Surgery day was smooth and he even called to check up on me the next day, and was available for any questions I had in the post-op period.

Now the fun part – results. I was truly blown away by the outcome of both my rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. They were simultaneously very close to the prediction images, and also so much better than I expected. I was particularly nervous about the rhinoplasty because it requires a fair amount of artistry and surgical technique – Dr Darrow listened to every small thing I wanted, advised me on what was possible, and I can really see every aspect of those changes in my new nose. I wanted big changes, and Dr Darrow was able to do this while still making my nose and breasts look very natural.

I had consults with several plastic surgeons in Boston, and am so happy I chose Dr Darrow to do my surgery. As a doctor myself, I was very picky and discerning throughout the entire process – I would highly recommend Dr Darrow to anyone without hesitation.