If you’re thinking about getting any kind of cosmetic procedure done, then Dr. Darrow is your guy!! I cannot say enough great things about him and his team. I did not have a single issue from my first initial consultation to my follow up appointment after my surgery. Any questions I had, he answered me right away. The real reason I chose him was because he was honest with me at my consultation when it came to selecting the perfect size for my body. He took the measurements and then gave me 3 options. He said if I wanted something bigger than what he presented, then he wasn’t the right doctor for me. THAT is exactly why I chose him. I was extremely impressed that he was honest and upfront. Not all, but most cosmetic surgeons only care about the $$$$ but with Dr. Darrow; that is not the case. He wants the best and most natural look for you. He wants you to be happy with your end result and to not regret any part of it. I knew he was the perfect doctor for me. I do not have a single regret, besides wishing I had found him sooner! I’m extremely happy with my results and if I had to do it all over again, he is still the surgeon I would pick. My boobs literally look perfect. If you didn’t know me prior to my surgery, you’d never even know that my boobs are fake because they look that natural! Don’t hesitate, book the consultation with him, you will not be disappointed!