Excellent, talented, and nice surgeon! I am very happy with the result, I had tummy liposuction done by Dr. Darrow. I did lots of research and asked many people about the best surgeon for liposuction in Boston area and his name always pops out. When I met him he was very honest, answered my questions, addressed my concerns and he told me how my tummy would look like and he recommends the best procedure to achieve that. I felt comfortable and I decided to go with Dr. Darrow. I had the operation at the beginning of May, he was following up with and his staff to check how I was feeling after the operation. The result turns out to be great. Dr. Darrow did a great job, his staff especially Helen is fantastic; she is very cooperative and nice. One thing is worth mentioning, Dr. Darrow is always on time so if your appointment at 12pm, he will see you at 12pm, unlike many surgeons that you stay in the waiting area for 30 minutes or more waiting. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who considering doing tummy tuck, liposuction, etc.