We all have areas of our bodies that seem to resist our diet and exercise efforts. For some men and women this area is the mid-section, the buttocks, the arms or the thighs. Thighs tend to be a particularly troublesome region  for women especially in the summer when shorts and swimwear come into play. Some women go so far as to alter their clothing options due to thigh insecurity, cutting out shorts all together. Thighs that have excess sagging skin can be improved through Thigh Lift surgery.

Thigh Lift surgery is a procedure to smooth and tighten the skin of the thighs. If there is excess stubborn fat in the thigh region as well, a Thigh Lift surgery can be paired with a Liposuction procedure to produce optimal results. If you are interested in pulling those shorts out of the back shelf and back into contention, contact our office to schedule a consultation and find out if a Thigh Lift may be right for you.