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Thigh Lift Boston

We all have areas of our bodies that seem to resist our diet and exercise efforts. For some men and women this area is the mid-section, the buttocks, the arms or the thighs. Thighs tend to be a particularly troublesome region  for women especially in the summer when shorts and swimwear come into play. Some women […]

Boston Brachioplasty – Arm Lift

Sagging underarm fat and skin is a common complaint, particularly among women. Every is predisposed to gain and hold on to weight in specific areas of their bodies- that one area that seems resistant to diet and exercise. Some people who have undergone significant weight loss that they should be enjoying are instead left with […]

Boston Tummy Tuck

Our mid-sections are the target of much self-loathing, particularly in the days, weeks and sometimes months after chowing down on rich Holiday feasts or in the mid-drift baring months of Summer beach vacations. The mid-section may be protruding, have excess sagging skin or stubborn fat that just wont go away no matter what diet or […]